Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 Whats up my people! Truly hope u have awakened knowing u've got another chance to get it right.  There were numerous reasons too many to mention here,as to why i find my self compelled to post up so to speak! now i'm not a typist or perfect speller nor am i trying to B. I don't profess to know everything and hope some  of of U cyber-research techies can help me with the fact checking to help verify some of the info that will B conveyed. I will try to give info with-out any hidden racial hatred toward any human being!!! Let the info speak for itself!!  Who am I U might ask, call me SADAFU brother from Another PLANET. Boy and do i have a journey to take U on. We will be connecting a lot of dots but hear me or US out. THIS information is meant for everyone,the views discussed here will cover topics from A 2 Z.  ITS for all ages,if something needs to be highlighted with strong emotions U might C something like this (ah BULL$hhhhhh) U fill in the missing word. I belong to No one religious denomination don't believe in one political party over another I vote to keep resources in my community. I try not to make rash judge-ments . Hopefully analytical thinking along with understanding and alot of so called wisdow as well as research has been used before arriving at any conclusion. My mind jumps around A-LOT, so from time 2 time I may switch reels 4 a moment so as not 2 forget something I just remembered. Simple english will B used including but not LIMITED 2 all forms and levels of communications now being used N my current HABITAT PLANET EARTH !!!!   WHO am I U might ask oh just an EARTHLING from the PLANET EARTH  I THINK we'll get into that later.  IN this ongoing info I want to share with U there will B a lot of dots to connect but believe me its unbelievable.  The first 2 subjects dominating this weeks message will B CHANGING LIFE STYLESor SURVIVING TODAYS ECONOMIC HARDSHIPS. TODAYS POLITCAL BULL$hhhhhh, what a mouth full. I'm sure to PISS a lot of people off,oh well THATS LIFE. BUT B 4 I digress (this is a weiner dude alert--for U SENIORS out there when U C me using things like U B C 4 2 LOL read it just like U C it ,it will help u 2 learn how to TXT message begin to learn the language), U C my mind just jumped-meanwhile back @ the ranch)  I awaken a few weeks ago with the realization that who and what I think I am --thats physically mentally or spiritually as well as my prejudices are all due to and shaped by my countries MENTAL state of mind and MY IMMEDIATE COMMUNITY mixed with my own so called INDEPENDENT BELIEF STRUCTURE makes me who I BELIEVE I AM. Thats regardless of if I am strong weak rich poor ,racist ,a hater,a sexual predator,thief,drug dealer,positive or negative to what ever degree even a fff'd up mom or dad  we learned right here in this country we call home! TRULY AMAZING .

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