Sunday, October 21, 2012


Whats up my fellow EARTHLINGS. HOPE the world is still a place u want to be! LET me apologize for getting into this political scene, I just couldn't let it go. governor ROMNEY does not speak the TRUTH.  I was taught THAT THE TRUTH IS THAT-----THAT DOES NOT CHANGE!!!!! Every time I see him his words are out of tune with his body language. Anyone else noticing! If it was not for the fact that he has coaches, who knows what would come out of his mouth.  How can u believe any thing he says.  He needs help.Look we all know that the president does not make all decisions. and we know that there are checks and balances but ROMNEY as PRESIDENT would have US in one conflict after another saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, the man does NOT represent THE BEST THAT AMERICA HAS TO OFFER.  WE all want our economy to re cover but ROMNEY made his money by shaving cost cutting back,thats how a lot of us ended up doing a job that once took two people. AND he thinks that the american people should pay the cost once more. ITS ALWAYS amazes me how some politicians are always saying get government out of this cut this and everything except their jobs their benefits their way of life. LAST I HEARD congress got a nice pay raise.BUT BACK TO ROMNEY he has no respect for women and their needs, no restect for minorities -----(known as those other AMERICANS)-----no respect for the elderly and no respect for the middle class SO WHO DOES HE RESPECT----RICH & POWERFUL players!!      Maybe I'm mistaken out of all of our economists some of the best in the world we have a HUGE banking industry WALL STREET a HUGE postal system ,and companies that make more then a billion dollars a year, and we for some reason think ROMNEY can balance the budget GIVE ME A BREAK.  HOW !!!! Will someone please tell US.    HE will end up being a political puppet, A FIGURE HEAD AT MOST.  For him balancing the budget means cutting your hard worked for benefits. WHAT about the rest of the world is ROMNEY going to balance their budget as well. I don't think so. ALSO  these cuts will remain in place for ever, thats whether we rebound or not. CAN he help me fix my credit rating, find me a job that pays me what I used to make. Can he fix the friction between me and my mate due to money! I don't think so. WILL the middle class be better in four years under ROMNEY I don't think so.I KNOW U heard that some of his SUPER--PAC contributors threaten layoffs if PRESIDENT OBAMA IS RE-ELECTED political blackmail if u ask me.  AND FOREIGN POLICY ------another WAR watch and see.  THE things that PRESIDENT OBAMA suggest we do to FIX our nation are the things that are needed now. WE need our roads fixed now our cities water pipes replaced cheaper that we can use,health care affordable that is. ROMNEY made alot of money off shore and HID a lot of money off shore.  WHEN U HIDE something is not that LYING !!!    HE'S GOING TO PISS SOME WORLD LEADER OFF --B CAREFUL WHAT U ASK FOR.  WHAT JOBS WILL HE BRING TO THE TABLE---WE didn't get the jobs bill some of us could be working now BUT OH NO that was too much to ask. TO STOP JOBS from being created so your party can take credit for it later IS SIMPLY UN-AMERICAN.  Alot of houses will b lost between now and then.  LET me say one more thing and I'm out, we also know about the organizations that pick the presidents that we VOTE FOR and THE ELECTORIAL  COLLEGE  SAFE GUARDS to keep the REAL VOTE out of the hands of the people,YEP WE KNOW. etc,etc,etc---BUT I WOULD RATHER HAVE A PRESIDENT WHO SPEAKS THE TRUTH--one who is respected by the rest of the world one who CARES about the people.  WE SIT AT THE FORK IN THE ROAD looking one way then the other wondering if U are making the right decision, PLEASE DO IT OUT OF WISDOM.  CHECK ALL THINGS. ROMNEY CAN'T MAKE ANY PROMISES he has no BINDER for running a country. HE can't look U in the EYE not the camera but even at the TOWN HALL MEETING he seemed UN EASY around regular people. HOW U GOING TO HELP ME if U don't feel right being in the same room with ME!! WE NEED AN ECLIPSE a rain dance something, anybody got a WISHBONE.  I just putting IT out there. Its in your hands --DON't look back in four years CRYING about what ALMOST WAS.  BUT IT had to happen SOONER or LATER----THAT MIGHTY DOLLAR-----IN GOD WE TRUST----they didn't separate CHURCH & STATE on that DOLLAR did they?  IN the words of RED SKELTON  Good   -Night and GOD BLESS        PEACE OUT       LATER

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