Friday, October 19, 2012


HELLO my fellow earthlings we R broadcasting live from U.S.A.--This is SADAFU aka BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET.  First thing before we get started i'd like to inform U that a second blog post was created called REAL--TALK UN-COMPROMISING TRUTHS FACTS OR (lower case letters).   The purpose of this site will be to check the validity of the information we will be presenting. And for this to work WE will need the help of all of the cyber researchers out there on the world wide web to PLEASE HELP.. This will also help with keeping my thoughts more focused and less biased!  SO from time to time @ the end of a statement or comment U will C--plfctu this stands for please fact check thank you..  So once again HELLO MY PEOPLE another beautiful day so lets make IT happen. This blog was suppose to B about helping US survive this economic BULL$$$HIT we are in,BUTT I CAN'T TAKE THIS POLITICAL BULL$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$HIT ANYMORE.   WE will try to keep things simple. The history behind the making of America too much to explore @ this time BUT believe u me we will get into IT later.  WE KNOW SOME PEOPLE WILL B UPSET BY THIS BUT what the hell.   AMERICA SOLD!! to the highest bidder. U know I work for a publishing company years ago,late sixties,most of the material were college texts.  OF all the material that passed through my hands one really caught my eye,its title was CHILDREN IN FRONT OF SMALL SCREENS meaning television....... ITS DEEP basically the book estimated the amount of murders rapes abuse animal cruelty inhumane thoughts and ideas children are exposed to before they were TEN. THE stats were in the TENS OF THOUSANDS.  NOW the numbers are off the charts. I remember the early days of video games u know pac-man--centipede--space invaders etc.etc.---I still say this N this is much later in time THAT A CHILD PLAYING VIDEO GAMES WHERE THE OBJECT OF THE GAME IS TO WIN!!!!!!!  BY KILLING    THAT CHILD HAS BEEN PROGRAMMED SUBLIMINALLY !!!!? BUT what i now find interesting is how many ways that we R bombarded  BY THOUGHTS and IDEAS not of our own making  or choosing. MIGHTY CAPITALISM .. Now don't get me wrong we all need it but DAMN give me a break.CAPITALISM should B redefined as how to USE POLITICS N RELIGION ON THE PEOPLE TO KEEP THEM UNDER CONTROL!!!!! There is more going on here then meets the EYE. WHEN the HIGH COURT ruled that SUPER--PACS could make campaign contributions as large as   they wanted WE KNEW the MIDDLE CLASS WAS FINISHED BEGINNING WITH THIS ELECTION! Briefly back that thing up about 12 years.   THE BUSH YEARS used as reference only.. this ERA began with people making strides financially that is,when behind us the banks and wall street were plotting to take every extra penny we had. USING OUR NORMAL HUMAN BEHAVIORAL HABITS against US. OUR ONLY FAULT WAS IN TRYING TO ACHIEVE THE AMERICAN DREAM. Well we all know the STORY wink wink. We were given bad loans we took on extra debt thinking we would be able to find good jobs. We just wanted a house decent transportation ,and a good education 4 our KIDS and also 2 B able to take a nice vacation every year, we call this the basics. HOLD UP just let me say this HEY U PEOPLE U KNOW THE POWERS THAT B---DO THESE THINGS AND WE WILL WORK 4 EVER!! BUT what happened we didn't C coming. THEY TOOK ALL OUR MONEY. A plan was devised to save the economy. AND it is working slow but sure. SO we tax payers footed the BILL wall street and the banks were bailed out and what was the first thing they did. they paid themselves,bonuses galore and then they talked trash about how they deserved it I could not believe the CRAP. EVERYONE KNOWS that if they had given OUR MONEY TOO US the economy would have been RIGHTED the next day!! PARTY OVER WHERE we would have circulated that money,would not have been a money problem here....IN the mist of ALL THE GOINGS ON we select a new PRESIDENT who has been faced with ENORMOUS PROBLEMS managing to keep US from falling over that financial cliff,and we are recovering. BUT AGAIN-----THE POWERS THAT B R PLOTTING AGAIN AND THIS TIME ITS 4 KEEPS.  Super Pacs who are they and what do they want in return NOTHING ?wink wink they expect us to believe they want nothing in return for a half a billion in campaign contributions. we seem not to be able to track drug money,SO will foreign interest now be able to influence our government thru hidden money contributions its a GLOBAL money market they keep saying. LAST I heard rich peoples money doubled through this recession,and now we get taken again. They want us to keep working for lower wages when they give BIG BUSINESS incentives to return manufacturing to U.S.of A..American capitalist now play in a global market place,where cheap labor make big profits are the order of the day.  To achieve these goals U need cash flow and thats where we come in. SEX DRUGS AND ROCK&ROLL thats what we are. Habitual behavioral junkies living from pay check to pay check attempting to be something that you're not,RICH & FREE ----IMAGE IS EVERYTHING U KNOW.   The things U desire most in life come from a TREE or a ROCK think about it.?SO where am I going with all of this. PRESIDENT OBAMA represents hard working Americans who believe in the best America has to offer--MITT ROMNEY represents BIG BUSINESS who believe we are all chattel,here to do their bidding by putting ourselves last. There is much talk about replacing the Dollar which is the only currency used to purchase OIL @ this time. The weak dollar and the loss of credit rating has sent the rich to other countries hoping to B in the right place at the right time. Most investors have and still are telling us to invest our money overseas,move your money to a secure country. Its been happening for years!!  All WE can really do is slow them down for now SO by leaving the administration as it is for now we will give ourselves time to dig in a little more BUT if U decide to CHANGE HORSES IN THE MIDDLE OF A STREAM and hand the REINS over to big business is just financially STUPID to say the least. THEY took our jobs our 401k our dignity our homes and now they want our dreams for our kids and their children. How long will we let people who don't care about us continue to write the rules and regulations for US to live by while they play by a different set of rules. Have U seen a number of individuals leaving the U.S.of A.lately DO U have a PASS-PORT how about DUAL CITIZENSHIP bought any GOLD BARS lately. PLEASE don't give our kids future over to big business just yet this is not about the democratic or the republican party black or white ITS about WE the PEOPLE at least whats left of us. A good percentage of us have grown kids at home who can't afford or don't have the initial lump sum money to set-up a household let alone maintain it.    SO little time so little time.   I'm going to vote Monday and hope for the best and visit the good witch of the NORTH and fly up to MT.OLYMPUS and C if ZEUS can help a brother out.LOOK I'M really holding back here because other things need to B talked about first that being our survival regardless of the election.  I JUST TIRED OF THE LIES tired of being misled by the ones we elect to represent us not only in Washington but also on the stage of WORLD OPINION---WE FORGET that WE have a PRESIDENT WHO HOLDS A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE bestowed upon him by HIS PEERS!!!!! The FUTURE can B bright always look under over around and through all things. Remember these words IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME!!!!        PEACE OUT.

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