Tuesday, October 30, 2012


What--up My People, I hope today finds u at peace.  This will be the last POST dealing with the Election 2012. Understand this I am not supporting President OBAMA because he's black {he is a human being--one white parent one black as defined in AMERICA}.!!  Lets be honest,Racism has reared its ugly more than once during President Obama's first term.everything about him has been threatened except his children--which thank GOD had been declared "off limits".  The SENATORS and CONGRESSMEN elected by US to help WHATEVER sitting President RUN the country, have made it a personal agenda of making sure that President OBAMA will be a ONE TERM president even at the risk of our financial well being!  I am supporting him because of his POLICIES ! His plan seems to have the AMERICAN PEOPLE best interest at heart. LETS understand something THIS IS A GLOBAL ECONOMY one that affects all of us. You better keep your eye on SPAIN. Their are a few countries with shaky finances,anyone of which can have a ripple effect taking more of our standard of living with IT. SEEN the GLOBAL FAMILY'S poll on who the WORLD would elect if they could vote---PRESIDENT OBAMA by a land slide.  HE'S loved more than any WORLD LEADER . THATS positive FOREIGN POLICY if U ask me.  (NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNING PRESIDENT). Have you heard the latest ,the sanctions against IRAN are working,their exports  have slowed. He cares about our sick,our elderly our women our kids the poor our homes our kids education ,WHAT more could U ask from our President. He"s proven that he can protect us from the things that WE FEAR. OUR ECONOMY is coming back slow but it is rebounding. I hear a lot of talk especially from the REPUBLICAN PARTY about JOBS and lack of a real PLAN.   Now maybe I'm wrong BUT is not the rest of the world running at a negative TWO PERCENT?    HOW is it that WE are RUNNING AT A POSITIVE TWO--PERCENT!!!!!  THAT FOUR PERCENT ahead of the rest of THE WORLD---MOST of the DECISIONS that he made alone without the help of congress have kept us afloat while the rest of the world is losing ground. Makes U wonder what HE might have accomplished with a little cooperation.  PRESIDENT OBAMA REMAINS POPULAR even with the never ending negative statements coming from THE AMERICAN'S WITH A DIFFERENT AGENDA.  ROMNEY'S party's objective is to get him elected,so that they can run the WHITE HOUSE all he will be is A PAPER TIGER..   Their plan is to LOWER taxes, INCREASE military SPENDING {launder money)}!? and cut SOCIAL SPENDING, health,parks and recreation things like F.E.M.A. you know the things that we need in times of emergency. LETS NOT BE ENTERTAINED by the POLITICAL BIG STAGE with its HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION bought with SUPER PAC MONEY. DO the right thing and get out and VOTE.    VOTE FOR THE SECURITY OF OUR WAY OF LIFE and THE FUTURE of the AMERICAN DREAM  VOTE for PRESIDENT OBAMA the only LEADER for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

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